Innovative valuation- & procurement module

The ideal digital solution for valuing and trading your cars

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Versatile and complete

Valuing and tradingA unique combination

With its newest valuation and procurement module, CarCollect offers the ideal digital solution for valuing and trading your cars.











  • The complete process

    The complete process of the seller valuing the car to be exchanged (or the lease company's employee valuing the end of contract car) up to the payment by the trade partner and the transport by the transportation company, is entirely automatically controlled by the CarCollect module.

    Requesting bids from all of your trade partners and various valuation bureaus can be realised easily, with 1 click on the button!

    Through intelligent connections with your company supply and payment methods, for example, you have a clear overview of everything, and you can manage it from your tablet or computer.

  • Device independent

    CarCollect was developed as a responsive website’, so that it can be used on every device. In order to use CarCollect, you don't need to install a (control system) specific application onto your device, the standard internet webbrowser is enough. CarCollect is suitable for every tablet, smartphone, desktop or laptop!

  • Valuing and trading in one solution

    CarCollect offers one integral solution for valuing and trading cars, including the administrative process. The process of valuing, bidding and trading, including the administration, is fully automatic, and the different processes connect seamlessly.

  • Perfect ease of use

    Carcollect was developed by and for car companies, with ease of use, process integration and management forming the basis of the application. CarCollect functions as workflow, with the users being led through the process simply. The workflow guarantees an efficient and correct handling of the process, and gives a sign if a step of the process wasn't fully finished or action needs to be taken.

  • Personal dashboard

    Every user, from seller to dealer, from administrator to auction master, has his own Personal dashboard. This displays the status of the cars that are his responsibility. Is there an indemnification that still has to be handed in, or does an extra offer still need to be requested? Should the dealer be notified that the delivery of the car has been delayed? Through the personal dashboard, every user can efficiently manage his cars!